The 76th running of the Iroquois Steeplechase


Nashville, TN has many timeless traditions and it is deeply rich in southern history. The Iroquois Steeplechase is just one of many “must attends” if you have the pleasure of calling middle Tennessee your hometown. I’ve been attending The Steeplechase for years now & I grew up going to the races, but this is by far “old hat” to me! As a matter of fact…HAT’s what we are going to talk about… HATS! Oh, the gorgeous hats & fashion…from the women AND men! I always look forward to people watching & admiring the fabulous fashion and one of a kind couture hats! I could talk about the hundred and one ways to have fun at the Steeplechase…from the infield & tailgate parties to the the hunt club or even the food…but no, that’s for another time…this post is ALL about the fashion.

With the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown coming up next week…I wanted to give you dolls some ideas on what to wear if you’re attending The Belmont or going to a viewing party! Hats & fascinators are a must!

Here are some of my favorite styles from Steeplechase! Starting with my own 😉 Scroll down to SHOP THE POST! xo


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Felicity Jones
Reply September 25, 2017

I LOVE your outfit!You did a fabulous job of covering this event. Makes me want to go to it next year. Thanks for all the pictures.
Felicity :)

    Nanci Dahl
    Reply October 4, 2018

    So happy you liked hearing about it from my point of was a lot of fun. xo

Brittney Savage
Reply September 1, 2018

Hey girl, this is so awesome! Love the hats, horses & of course, YOU! Are you going to be covering any other events in Nashville soon? Would love to hear your take on more stuff :)

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