Cabo Las Lucas, Mexico


Ahhh Cabo…one of our favorite vacation destinations.

I’ll never forget my first visit 4 years ago. Braden & I had just gotten engaged and we were talking Bachelor/Bachelorette parties… so I immediately called dibs on our time-share there, of course haha! Luckily he didn’t care about a bachelor party, all he wanted was to take me there a few days early before my bachelorette because it would my first time to Cabo & he wanted my first time in Cabo to be with him. Sigh… haha I love him.

So we called the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort and booked the trip.













The food at the hotel was amazing, but then again when it’s 72, sunny, salty and you’re in Cabo…nothing is not amazing. I wanted to try every restaurant at the hotel with him before he left but he insisted on taking me to this place that he’d been telling me about since the day we met. It was one of his fav hangs in Cabo that he’d hooked his friends & athletes on. It was called Flora Farms. Now this was four years ago & I had never heard of this place at the time & either had any of my girlfriends… so when he told me it was about 15 miles away from our hotel I wanted to shut that idea down immediately. I said “um no, thank you” He said you will love it & will want to eat there every night we are here. I said “I’d rather chew on glass then drive 15 miles away in the middle of Mexico where my mother-in-law assured me I’d be kidnapped & pillaged if I left the property.” But he said “trust me”. It did sound amazing & right up my alley so we decided to go that next night. We got dressed, jumped in our rental car & started our drive to Flora Farms. We were about 10 miles in and when you’re passing packs of stray dogs & places that looked like the set of “Where The Hills Have Eyes” you start to get a little upset. He could tell I was angry, mainly because I was “hangry”…and a little scared. I thought “This is it. This is how I’m gonna die.” I thought there is no way in H. E. double hockey sticks that I’ll wanna drive back to this place no matter how good the food is! But I kept my mouth shut because I hadn’t locked him down yet & I didn’t want to show him the “diva” side of me 😉 We make it through the scary part of the drive & the road to Flora Farms opens up. I start to smile.

Best shrimp, arugula, pesto pizza I’ve ever had. Ever

Everything you see is grown right at Flora Farms. Farm To Table


They also have Culinary Cottages for sale by invitation only.

It was an enchanted walk up to the hostess stand & I instantly forgive him. The smell of food in the air was breathtaking. The atmosphere was unmistakably impressive, organic, tranquil & inspiring. We wait for our table at the bar & order two crafty cocktails that I wanted to take a bath in. The Farmarita (the Farm Bar’s spin on a traditional Margarita) and the Farm Julep, made with fresh watermelon juice. They were ridiculously, dahliciously delightful. Mmmm. This was my first experience with a Farm To Table restaurant & now it’s hard to not compare all to Flora.


After dinner we walked the gorgeous grounds & stumbled upon stacks of hay bales set up for backyard movie night while an old black & white Elizabeth Taylor equestrian classic played through the projector onto the big screen…that was where we finished our drinks & had dessert.

It was magical.

Needless to say…we went back the next night 😉


I’ve since told all my friends about the Farm & they all love it too! So much so, that a few of them even got married here.

They do beautiful events!

Ask for a tour of the garden! The views of the mountains & the smell of the flowers will make feel like you’re in paradise…wait… YOU ARE!




We did all the touristy Mexico stuff too, like horseback riding on the beach at sunset, tequila shots at Cabo Wabo & shopping downtown for an authentic Mexican sombrero (because they are so easy to travel home with on the plane ;-/






Well the day had come that my girls arrived to kick off my bachelorette party and Braden was flying out. He kissed me goodbye & bid the girls a farewell & took off to the airport. I was sad to see him go, but not for too long because he got all the way to the airport, forgot his passport at the hotel & missed his flight hahaaa! We can laugh now, but he was so upset at the time, the poor thing. The girls felt bad too so we invited him to hang out with us that night. He took us to dinner, then Cabo Wabo & we had the time of our lives! Bless his heart, he even had to carry one of my drunken soldiers out of the bar while she mumbled incomprehensible slurs at the unsuspecting bouncer.

Bachelorette party – success.


With my maid of honor Emily & bridesmaid Shelly. Shelly made all my bridesmaids these matching tanks! “The Dahlerette’s” 🙂 

My bridesmaid Kellie…always has my back & carries me on hers.





















We went back for our 2 year anniversary of dating & had a blast as usual. I’ve included tons of pictures of course, links to our hotel, Flora Farms (I suggest making reservations WAY in advance if you’re planning a trip) & where we went horseback riding on the beach.


Get to planning your Mexico trip & we’ll meet you there! Cabo – we comin for ya!



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Flora Farms Medicinal Plant Walk
June 04, 2019

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