20 Minute “At-Home” Work Out & Meal Plan

Hey dolls! Here are some summer body tips & recipes y’all have asked for…

My work out reggie…

“Well I just don’t eat anything and then when I feel like I’m going to pass out…I eat a cube of cheese. I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” – Devil Wears Prada

Hehe jk No…that’s not what I do…What I do is I simply shovel anything I want down my gullet and then I just throw it up…haha again JOKES!! Just kidding! JUST Kidding!!

Here’s what I REALLY do…. I eat healthy and I work out. Period. I’m going to share with you my “AT HOME” work out reggie & some of the stuff I shove down my throat that’s really good for me & makes me feel awesome with tons of energy! Don’t forget to take your vitamins too! Super important, Vitamin D!

I do an easy work out to maintain when I eat really healthy. But when I eat out at restaurants a lot and when I eat candy, popcorn & snacks… I have to work out a little more aggressively. That’s where D1 boot camps come in. They are insane! I’ve never been in better shape in my whole life then when I was going to boot camp classes religiously. If you are in the Franklin/Nashville area you must check them out & tell em I sent ya! And they have 52 locations all over the country! Click HERE to see if you have one local to y’all!

When I hit 30, I told myself I had to stop being lazy & taking advantage of my good genes so I could hit 40 & look good in my jeans shorts 😉 You will notice a difference in your body at 30. That’s when I had to change my diet & start working out. I cut out obvious killers like bread …only cheating occasionally. And I cook with olive oil & coconut oil instead of butter.

Try to stay away from processed sugars and get your sweets from fruit…and only drink water & LOTS of it!

Being constantly on the go & traveling all the time, juggling a career, home & husband…top that with all you super moms trying to do all that AND raise some babies…it’s hard to find time for the gym. So I’m going to share with yall my “at home” full body work out & my week meal plan…with some super simple recipes so you have NO excuses to get dat ass in super sexy shape for summer, yourself & for your man. There are no excuses at any age, at any time.



The Dahlhouse 20 minute “AT HOME” Whole Body Workout


You’ll need:

8-15 lb dumbbells

An exercise mat

Your work-out playlist


Start with light stretching


Whole Body

-5 push ups

-10 burpees

-15 high kicks /opposite hand toe touch

-20 squats

-25 lunges

-30 back kicks on both legs

-30 calf raises of each leg (at foot of stairs)




Grab your dummies and don’t put em down-


-10 double fisted curls (straight up) -10 more (out to the side)

-10 bent over rows (till it burns the back of your legs and butt)

-10 upright rows

-10 bent over rows

-10 shoulder presses

-10 bent over rows

-10 dumbbell triceps extensions (the arm chicken skin/arm turkey neck fat burner)

(start with both hands behind your head holding one 10 lb weight & raise above your head.


Rest your arms & Pick the dummies back up & REPEAT


Tummy Tuck Time

Lay down on back on your mat-

20 crunches

-20 scissor kicks (low to ground)

-20 opposite hand toe touch crunches

-20 opposite elbow to knee bicycle crunch

-20 crunch twists

-20 reverse “ass up” crunch



Do that 4-5 times a week. Try to stay away from sweets, carbs, red meats, butter & salt.


Here is an example of a SIMPLE weekly meal plan:


Day 1


  • 2 Poached eggs
  • half a grapefruit


  • grilled chicken salad (balsamic vinaigrette or lemon garlic dressing)


  • fish (cooked in olive oil, fresh lemon juice & herbs)
  • any 2 veggie side you want (asparagus, okra, spinach etc… cooked in olive oil & spices)

Day 2 


  • Bowl of cereal


  • thin sliced turkey cutlet from whole foods (cook same way as fish)
  • tomato slices or half an avocado


  • Grilled chicken
  • 2 veggies of choice (shaved or spiraled zucchini or roasted red & golden beets)

Day 3


  • Balance Bar


  • raw veggie plate & light ranch dressing ( every veggie you can think of)


  • Pork chops with honey mustard rub or cherry thyme sauce
  • 2 veggies of choice (or sweet potato)

Day 4


  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • tomato slices or half a grapefruit


  • tuna salad on rye triscuts


  • Roasted Spaghetti Squash stuffed with ground turkey & onions
  • sautéed green beans or any veggie you want

Day 5


  • 2 egg white, asparagus, cherry tomato & feta cheese frittata


  • Hearts of Romaine salad ( olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic & lemon dressing)


  • Pasta (fresh tomato sauce & basil)


CHEAT…but not too bad!

Here are a few healthy recipes you can make for the week & replace any of the meals with.


Nanci’s Green Quinoa Soup



  • Boil 4 cups of water in a sauce pot
  • boil on med-high
  • add quinoa, celery & onions (cook 3 minutes)
  • add green beans, fresh corn & broccoli (cook 3 minutes)
  • add zucchini, mint leaves, cilantro, salt pepper & olive oil
  • Simmer all together for 2 more minutes & remove from heat
  • Garnish with avocado, more cilantro & drizzle w olive oil





Chop all these colorful veggies + whatever else you’d like to add. You can add chicken for more protein if you’d like as well. I’ve been adding radishes lately..on a radish kick! Dice up in an Alligator Chopper (an essential kitchen tool) Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil & fresh lemon juice. You will crave this all week & it’s SO good for you!! It’s perfect to substitute any of the meals on any or all days!

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.09.05 PM


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Reply July 19, 2016

I've been looking for motivation and this new routine was just what I needed to get going. It was an awesome whole body workout and I'm hoping me to see good results in three weeks ! That's my back to school deadline and it's much harder to find the time to workout when I start working again so thank you for this just in time !!

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