Becoming A Realtor

Well dolls…I’m officially a REALTOR in Nashville, TN! How cool is that?!

Let’s tawk about why I did this…you’ll laugh.

Long story short…too late…

My husband & I were living in California where we just bought a fixer upper & remodeled it from top to bottom. (I’ll do a before and after post on our Laguna Niguel house soon) It was our first house we bought together and we LOVED it! Then we get the call we are moving for his job! As we are super pumped to be moving to Music City…but we were also sad to leave our home we just built together. We had always talked about being bi-coastal …having a house in California & Nashville (even though Nashville is landlocked I’m still calling it bi-coastal ok?! Ok. 😉 and saw this opportunity as a sign to make that dream come true. Nashville was home for me for 10 years & that’s where we met & got married. So we decided to keep our Laguna house and rent it out so someday we can be bi-coastal having a house here & there to call home! So we arrived in Nashville and rented for 6 months so he could get a feel for where he wanted to call home. We have a soft spot for Historic Franklin so we started house hunting there. That’s when we realized how hot the Nashville market was. It’s only one of the fastest growing markets right now with about 80-100 people moving to Music City a day. Crazy. And guess what? They all need somewhere to live! People are buying houses here like hot cakes! With 2016 now half over, there have been 18,452 closings in the Nashville area, up 7.2% compared to last year.U.S. mortgage rates are at an all-time low point, according to Freddie Mac. The average 30-year fixed mortgage averaged 3.42% for the week ending July 21. Those stats are pretty stellar. With all that running through my head and the work we just did on our Laguna house remodel, we started thinking…how are we going to find a house here? Every house we found on or that we liked was already snatched up! The houses were selling before they even hit the market. I said to myself…”How can I get my hands on those listings? AND let me take it a step further …how can we keep our commission & use it for a remodel…haha” Ding Ding Ding …become a realtor myself!

Reminds me of the time I went to take my wedding dress in for alterations and they told me it was going to be $250.00 and I said “WHAT, why so much?!” They said “It was going to be have to altered by hand” I thought Hmmm…I have hands…I’ll do it myself…and I did! Haha Maybe I was raised up to pinch my pennies or you can call it the control freak in me…either way…”This Dahl Can Do It All”!

So I started my real estate school & studied hard & passed my PSI exams, I took course after course, joined the WCNAR (Williamson County National Association of Realtors and just happened to find the most amazing company to hang my license with…Keller Williams. I’ll be honest…I was back and forth falling in love with this business while I was learning the ins and outs in school & such. I went from being all like “I can do this! This is so cool. I’d love to find people their dream homes.” TO “This sounds like a lot of work…I think I’ll just keep smiling for the camera & getting paid to look pretty…so much less work 😉 I was torn. I started out only doing this so we could 1) get our hands on the listings before they got snatched up and 2) be our own realtor when we bought our house so we could pocket the commission so I could redecorate with it haha So I walk in for the interview with all intentions of feeding them some story of how I was born to be in this business & and blah blah and all that came out when asked about why I wanted to be a realtor was… the truth…“I just want my hands on the listings & to keep the commission” Who says that? This kid. She laughed & we hit it off so much so that she is actually the reasons why I chose KW. Her name is Cameron Anderson & she is the cats meow. I forced her to become instant besties with me. She told me that she knew I’d do amazing in this business just because of my blunt honesty and sense of humor. I think she could see the past the jokester in me & sense the passion I had for real estate even more then I could. And she was right. I love it. I am so excited to be able to help family & friends find houses in the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin & Leipers Fork areas as well as everyone one of you 100 people a day moving here! I will find you your dream house just like I found us our Dahl house! Click HERE to search for houses on my KW website!

Even if you aren’t moving here or don’t live in the area …still give me a call & I can point you in the right direction to one of our faboosh Realtors anywhere you are moving, as we are the largest & the highest rated Real Estate company in the country! Thanks for reading my post dolls & I hope to get to work with you in any way I can!


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Shausta Wilson
Reply September 13, 2016

I follow you on insta and just ran across your blog. I have been thinking of everything and anything to do so I don't have to study for my real estate classes. I study extremely hard and felt like I was getting nowhere. I promised my husband I'd get my butt in gear again... Still haven't. Your story and ur unbelievable
drive and cheerfulness in this post has me (again bc it's so hard) excited to start back up and kick some ass. So thank you, happy Tuesday!

    Nanci Dahl
    Reply September 13, 2016

    Hey Shausta! Thanks for your sweet post. Good luck with's super fun & in invaluable tool to have in your belt ;) xoxo

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